Dawn Ferchak

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Orlando, FL
William Paterson University
Heath & Wellness, Food & Drink, Animals
  • Dawn's first began writing about food and restaurants for the Princeton Packet, a group of local newspapers throughout Central New Jersey.
  • She has created culinary content for restaurant consultants, health food authors, small-batch coffee roasters, and health & wellness companies.
  • She has written extensively about food and restaurant trends for industry professionals, and diet and nutrition information for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies.


Dawn has been writing since she was able to hold a crayon in her little baby hand. Her content and her handwriting have improved dramatically since then. Her first work, a poem about her cat, was published in a library journal when she was 7 years old. Dawn has written across many industries, including healthcare, travel and tourism, wellness and beauty, and food. In her spare time, she volunteers with domestic and wildlife rescues to help make sure abandoned neonatal animals get a chance at life. She lives in Orlando, FL, with her rescue menagerie of five cats and two dogs. She will fight for the Oxford comma and loves all things strange and unusual.


Dawn received her BA in English Literature with a minor in Humanities from William Paterson University.
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