Corina Gruber

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Sibiu, Romania
Lucian Blaga University Of Sibiu
East-European Cuisine, Travel And Food Writing, Restaurant Reviews
  • Visiting France and reading Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” were the reasons that made Corina want to become a food writer. She tried her hand at most of the recipes in the book, but she became enchanted with boeuf bourguignon and quiche lorraine.
  • An avid cheese lover, Corina discovered that she is lactose intolerant in 2019 and had to learn to substitute everything dairy. She misses her days of wandering Swiss cheese shops, though.
  • Corina firmly believes that national dishes represent the spirit of a place and its people. Therefore, she's always learning about traditional foods in her native Romania and when she travels.


Corina is a Transylvanian-born writer and journalist. Before becoming a writer, Corina taught literature and wrote literary theory and criticism for twelve years. After she started freelancing, Corina found her niche in food writing and started writing for Chef's Pencil. She still publishes literary criticism in Euphorion. In addition, Corina’s fiction has been published in The Sirens Call.


Corina has a master’s degree in Literary Theory from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and a bachelor’s degree in English and Romanian language and literature from the same university.
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