Cassidy Ward

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Layton, UT
Science, Technology, Movies, TV
  • Cassidy Ward started writing for Big Shiny Robot! in 2013. He wrote over 400 entertainment articles there before being made Editor in Chief. He now helps new writers develop pitches and build their portfolio.
  • He's written for since 2018 where his duties include daily science news coverage as well as the weekly Science Behind the Fiction feature.
  • Cassidy is a 2021 alumnus of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop.


Cassidy Ward is a writer specializing in science and pop culture. He's written for SYFY,, Observer, The Daily Beast, and more, and his debut novella, Ravel, is available now. You can find his shortest writings, by virtue of character limits, on Twitter.


Cassidy graduated high school in 2003 and completed 24 credits at a university. He intends, at some point, to return and finish his degree.
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