Cassidy Dawn Graves

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New York City
New York University
Home Cooking, Food Media, NYC Restaurants
  • Cassidy is an experienced home cook with a soft spot for vegetables and a knack for figuring out how to use all that random stuff in your fridge.
  • Food has found its way into almost every facet of Cassidy's life: They've curated food-themed performances, hosted backyard BBQ variety shows, and written a newsletter about the meals they cook with their roommate.
  • Cassidy has over six years of experience as a freelance writer and journalist covering a wide array of topics, from reporting on why vegan influencers stopped being vegan to conducting interviews with artists who use food instead of paint or clay.


Cassidy Dawn Graves is an editor and writer for Mashed News. As a journalist, Cassidy has published work on art, culture, identity, and food with outlets including Vice, The Nation, MEL Magazine, and Bedford + Bowery. They currently write a Substack newsletter called Queers N Peers that combines recipes and casual, Grub Street Diet-esque home cooking chronicles with essays and interviews about her live comedy variety show of the same name.


Cassidy received a BFA with Honors in Drama from Playwrights Horizons Theater School at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where they studied performing, directing, writing, design, and producing.
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