Bethany Swanson

Bentonville, AR
University Of Nebraska At Omaha, University Of Northern Colorado
Literacy And Writing Instruction, Travel, Research
  • Bethany has written content for Groupon and eHow, and is the primary contributor of brewery-themed travel articles for an online retailer.
  • She taught literacy and writing in public schools for 10 years and loves to watch students grow as authors.
  • Her day job is currently in SEO content strategy, where she uses best practices to create and modify informative web content.


Bethany is an educator-turned-content writer who also happens to have a passion for great food. She created a series of blog posts for an online retail business centered around brewery-themed honeymoon destinations, which combines her enthusiasm for travel, writing, and good craft beer. Past freelance work has included clients such as Groupon and eHow. Bethany enjoys cooking, baking, adapting and creating recipes, but most of all eating delicious and unique foods.


Bethany completed her undergraduate years in Omaha, Nebraska, as an English major focusing on writing and linguistics. She returned to graduate school in Colorado to obtain a Master's degree in Education.
Stories By Bethany Swanson