A Quick Rundown Of Queen Elizabeth's Daily Meals

Meal plans and diet suggestions abound for those in search of a healthy food regimen that increases longevity but still satisfies the palate. And if you are prone to treating yourself like royalty when you sit down to dine, plan a menu fit for a queen by peeking into the daily diet of Queen Elizabeth. 

Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, 2022, was the beloved British monarch whose reign lasted over 70 years (per The New York Times). She died at 96 years of age, and Hello! attributes her long, healthy life to consistent exercise and a well-balanced diet. The royal kitchens at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are staffed with accomplished chefs who prepared the Queen's preferred meals and catered all special events. A red leather book of menus composed in French was sent to the Queen weekly for approval and changes were made before the culinary staff began preparing her meals. She often tweaked menu plans depending on her personal preferences or who might be dining with her throughout the week. 

Queen Elizabeth enjoyed light and simple fare that didn't weigh her down during the day. She was partial to traditional British and French food with a special preference for ingredients fresh off her estate, such as salmon from the River Dee (a waterway flowing through Wales and England). She incorporated light protein, vegetables, and fruits high in antioxidants in almost every meal, which benefited her health throughout her reign. 

Queen Elizabeth's menu preferences

According to Hello!, a day in the diet of Queen Elizabeth always began with a cup of Earl Grey tea with a side of biscuits, followed by breakfast in her private dining room. Her Majesty started the morning off with yogurt, cereal, or toast but sometimes opted for smoked haddock or kippers, which was one of her favorite breakfast options. British Heritage Travel notes that the Queen enjoyed scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on special occasions. 

Lunch began with a nip from a gin and Dubonnet cocktail followed by a light protein. The Queen avoided heavy foods during her midday meal and often enjoyed a Dover Sole filet on spinach or grilled chicken with a salad. Of course, afternoon tea was next on the daily menu, and the Queen enjoyed her Earl Grey with chocolate biscuits and ginger cake. Her favorite tea sandwiches were egg, smoked salmon, and cucumber. 

The Queen's preference for simplicity also dictated her dinner preferences, with menu options that often included meat or fish and vegetables. She enjoyed starting with a smoked fish pâté followed by a filet of steak with mushroom whiskey sauce or savory venison. For dessert, Her Majesty enjoyed chocolate cake or a simple bowl of fresh fruit like locally grown peaches. 

Queen Elizabeth often finished off her day of dining on fine but simple food with a glass of the best champagne. Cheers to a life well lived by Queen Elizabeth II.