The Ideal Size To Cut Peaches For Cobbler

Even though summer is coming to an end, it doesn't mean the end of summer fruit desserts. One of the great parts of having fresh summer fruit is that it can easily be frozen or even canned to last through the winter season. Peaches are one of the staple summer fruits that taste delicious, eaten raw or baked, and this cobbler is one of the simplest desserts to utilize the fruit and highlight its juicy and sweet flavor. You can even add other fruits to make a delicious blackberry peach cobbler.

For a novice baker, this is a great dessert to make because, basically, a peach cobbler is baked peaches with a sweet biscuit topping. Unlike pie, there is no need to make a complicated crust or worry about blind baking anything. According to the Farmers' Almanac, the cobbler gets its name from the crust being "cobbled" or dispersed on top of the fruits rather than creating a smooth surface.

While the peach cobbler is very simple to make, there are some mistakes to avoid if you want a delicious dessert. One of the easiest mistakes to avoid has nothing to do with cooking and more to do with the preparation of the peaches.

Peach size does matter

According to Southern Living, the size of the peach slices most definitely affects the flavor and texture of the cobbler. When making this dessert, it's important that the peach slices are close to the same proportion; the perfect size should be between ¼ to ½ inches thick. When the peaches are mostly the same size, the fruit cooks evenly and gets perfectly jammy. On the other hand, if some peach slices are too large, you run the risk of those parts not getting fully cooked, resulting in some unpleasantly crunchy pieces.

While cutting the peach slices evenly is important, there are a few other tips and tricks to ensure a perfect pie. First, you want to avoid cooking the peach cobbler too far ahead of time. The fruits can easily get soggy, so it's best to serve the dessert immediately after it's cooked. Finally, you also don't want to cook your peaches at a high temperature. In order for the fruits to cook without burning, low and slow cooking is the best method.