The Best Egg Salad Ingredient Swap For Mayo Haters

Nearly 20% of people across the U.S. despise the thought of mayo. But if you're one of America's avid mayonnaise haters, Popular Science reports that your distaste for the condiment may be due to psychology. Paul Rozin, a University of Pennsylvania professor, explained that people today most likely dislike mayo because of its odd consistency.

But hating mayo doesn't mean you have to miss out on enjoying dishes that are usually mayonnaise-based because for every dinner staple that has mayonnaise in its recipe, there is another ingredient that can be used in the offending condiment's place.

Foodies who can't take mayonnaise can enjoy tuna salad mixed with greek yogurt for a creamy lunch with health benefits. And Our Salty Kitchen reports that using basil vinaigrette in your potato salad can turn the mayonnaise nightmare into a summer delight. With all of these modified versions of mayo-infused food classics in mind, there seems to only be one mayonnaise-heavy recipe left to remedy — and that's egg salad.

White beans can help you make the perfect mayo-free egg salad

While most egg salad recipes call for around a third cup of mayonnaise, this tasty dish can be just as delicious if you ditch the condiment for white beans. According to Go Dairy Free, white beans have a similar creamy consistency to mayonnaise, which has made it a go-to substitute for mayo in the vegan community. And that's also why Epicurious reports that white beans are the perfect way to prepare a mayo-hater-friendly egg salad.

According to Epicurious, while you can skip the mayo and grab a can of white beans to make this dish, you can't just throw the beans in as-is with your other ingredients. If you want the white beans to give your egg salad the right consistency, you'll need to mash them up first. However, although you need to make sure your white beans are thoroughly smashed, the white bean paste should still be somewhat chunky. 

Once your white beans are ready, you can add them to your egg salad and get ready for a mayo-free feast.