The Absolute Best Way To Seed A Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes are bright little parcels of flavor perfect in salads and pasta recipes. Additionally, they're also good for you. Ten of these little guys have as much potassium as a medium size banana (per SF Gate). If you garden, Southern Living notes that cherry tomatoes are easy to grow at home. They should be planted in the spring when there is little threat of frost and plenty of sunlight as they require six to eight hours of it each day. If your thumbs aren't green, don't worry: Cherry tomatoes are readily available at farmer's markets and grocery stores.

When it comes to cooking with cherry tomatoes, some people may like the juicy pop of eating one whole. Others may prefer to eat them without their seeds and the subsequent liquid that comes with them. Due to their small size, cutting into them to remove their seeds can be a bit cumbersome. So here's a trick that's easier, safer, and, honestly, more fun.

Give 'em a lil squeeze

Because cherry tomatoes are small, cutting them in half isn't always fun. You need a very sharp and precise knife, and you need to make sure to protect your fingers. If you want an easier solution, Kitchn notes that you can just squeeze them individually over a bowl to remove the seeds. First, make sure you use a large bowl to catch all the juices, then give them each a gentle squeeze with your fingers until they pop open and release the seeds and juice.

If you're worried about removing seeds from cherry tomatoes, Bon Appétit states that the seeds and juice in tomatoes don't really offer much of a distinct flavor and instead can make dishes watery. Kitchn also notes that the flavor of tomato seeds can often be bitter. Squeezing cherry tomatoes to de-seed them will lead to a squished texture of these tomatoes. So if you're looking for more uniform cuts for a dish, this might not be your best method. However, if you're planning to put them in a sauce or dish like cherry tomato and burrata hand pies, this method is simple, effective, and fun.