You Should Start Soaking Sliced Peaches In Club Soda. Here's Why

Whether you're cutting fresh peaches to use in a decadent pie or just to have for a midday snack, eating them before they brown can seem like a challenge. But fortunately, you aren't the only one fighting to keep your peaches fresh. And there are plenty of people who can provide you with their top tips for making sure your sliced peaches stay peachy keen.

Livestrong claims that citric acid will stop your fruit from browning and suggests placing fruits, like peaches, in lemon water. Citrus isn't your only option though. On the opposite end of the taste spectrum, Cook's Illustrated notes that one of the compounds in honey can halt the browning process. The outlet feels the best way to keep your peaches perfectly ripe is to set them in honey water. But if both of these ideas sound like they may tamper with your peaches' flavor, Instagrammer Nicole Modic (who goes by the username kalejunkie) feels the same way. The influencer took to the app to explain how to keep peaches fresh without compromising their distinctive taste.

The secret to stopping your peach slices from browning

Nicole Modic explained in the post that soaking your peach slices in club soda has the same effect as dipping them in lemon juice, "but BETTER." Aside from not giving your peaches a lemon-like tinge, Modic also noted this tip ensures the fruit slices stay "nice and crisp."

To successfully keep your peach slices from browning, Modic recommends soaking them in club soda for around 5 minutes. After that, she stated the peaches will stay fresh for 5 days — so long as you keep them in a closed container in your refrigerator.

If you're still hesitant to give this tip a go, the people behind Allrecipes tried it out for themselves. They found Modic's claim that the peaches could go 5 days without browning was true. In fact, they discovered that after 5 days had passed, their club soda-soaked peaches looked as fresh as the day they were first put in the fridge. Allrecipes credited the hack's success to science, explaining that the minerals in club soda are responsible for stopping fruits' browning process. So soaking your peach slices in club soda may very well be the secret to making sure your fruit is in top shape for your next peach crisp recipe.