Just Ice Tea's New Flavor Is Inspired By An Honest Tea Fan-Favorite

Anticipation is building around the launch of Just Ice Tea's bottled tea flavors. Parent company Eat the Change has announced new flavors weekly with the first being Original Green Tea. The names for the second and third flavors are being withheld until they are officially launched, but Eat the Change says honey and green tea will be one flavor while the other will be hibiscus with blackberry. A total of six flavors will be unveiled in advance of the official launch date, according to Eat the Change.

The flavors take into consideration the favorites of Honest Tea's fans who were disappointed when its parent company Coca-Cola announced in May of 2022 that it would no longer be making the teas by the end of the year. Also, disheartened by the news were Honest Tea's co-creator Seth Goldman who, along with fellow creator Barry Nalebuff, sold the tea brand to Coca-Cola in 2011. Goldman said he planned to bring back iced tea that focuses on quality ingredients, supports farmers, and social responsibility. When Goldman took to LinkedIn to announce his disappointment with the soda giant's decision to discontinue Honest Tea, he added that he was "deeply and passionately engaged in building [his] next wave of beloved/mission-driven brands."

Fourth variety is a blend of classic flavors

Although its official name and label haven't been revealed by Eat the Change yet, what we do know about Just Ice Tea's fourth flavor is that it is similar to Honest Tea's second most popular flavor: a blend of black tea and lemonade. According to the announcement, Just Ice Tea's fourth bottle will use tea grown by a farm in Mozambique. The tea leaves will fit into the brand's mission of being from an organic and Fair Trade Certified farm. 

This newest flavor will also use a UPC code that honors someone important to the company. In this case, it will be a tribute to Goldman's friend Chuck Muth who had been in charge of Honest Tea's sales. He also pushed for Honest Tea to create a tea and lemonade blend, according to the announcement.

Another reason that Goldman said he decided to honor Muth with the UPC code for flavor No. 4 was that he has "the Challenger Mindset — a way of thinking and acting that has to be at the heart of any disruptive brand." He also strove to empower the Honest Tea workforce. We may not know yet when Just Ice Tea will hit store shelves, but we do know there will be two more flavors announced. And, with how much thought is put into them by Just Ice Tea's creators, they are sure to be well-received.