How H Mart Makes At-Home Korean BBQ Easier

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There are many reasons to love Korean barbecue: the complex flavors of the marinated meat, the camaraderie of cooking it together on top of the grill, and the fun of placing a piece of meat in a lettuce leaf and topping it with garnishes and condiments. Traditionally, eating Korean barbecue is a social activity that involves banchan (side dishes), a variety of garnishes, and soju, beer, or both (via MasterClass). 

There are a variety of marinades used in Korean barbecue. One of the most popular types of barbecue is bulgogi, which is thinly cut beef marinated in soy sauce, honey, rice wine, sesame oil and seeds, Asian pear, and garlic (via Korean Bapsang). Another popular Korean barbecue is galbi, which uses grilled beef short ribs. The marinade is similar to bulgogi and includes toasted sesame oil, sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic, and green onions, via Maangchi. Pork belly lovers can also grill their favorite cut of meat as part of a dish they call samgyeopsal. A recipe on Tasty calls for a dipping sauce called ssamjang, which consists of soybean paste, gochujang, mirin, sesame oil, garlic, and sugar.

While bulgogi may be top of mind when it comes to Korean barbecue, there are many more options. With all of this variety, it can be hard to know which one to make at home, but Korean grocery store H Mart has a solution for home cooks.

H Mart sells pre-sliced and marinated meat

Not sure which type of Korean barbecue to make at home? Or simply don't have time to do the grocery shopping and prep work to make your marinade or slice your meat? Don't worry, H Mart can make your barbecue much easier.

H Mart offers pre-sliced meats ready to be marinated and cooked, such as sliced single pork belly, sliced ribeye, and sliced pork jowl meat, according to its website. If you want to make it even easier and skip making the marinade, you can buy the meat already marinated or buy a jar of marinade. Some of the pre-marinated meat options at H Mart include pork butt steak, pork belly, and bulgogi. Flavors of barbecue marinades include galbi, bulgogi, or ones that simply say they are a good marinade for beef. You can also find these marinades on Amazon and in many local grocery stores.

H Mart will also have all of the ingredients you need to make authentic Korean meals, like gochujang, kimchi, and perilla leaves. So, whether you decide to buy pre-cut meats and make your own marinade or purchase already marinated meat, have fun and try something new because H Mart is all ready for you.