Inflatable Pubs Are Like Bouncy Castles For Adults

Celebrations like bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, and anniversaries call for a way to make that day even more special. Finding party appetizer recipes, the perfect catered menu, and mixing up the perfect cocktail are crucial elements to planning a party. Of course you can always gather with your friends and family at a local pub, bar, or other watering hole, but if you really want to your celebration make a splash, try something a little different.

As noted by Odditymall, there's a way to have the best of both worlds, a party that replicates the experience of a bar, but from the convenience of your home. Thanks to the trend of inflatable pubs, grown-ups can embrace their young at heart side, but with an adult twist. Just like renting a bouncy castle for children's birthday parties, now adults have a similar way to get their party on.

Room for a crowd

According to Food & Wine, a company has introduced an inflatable Irish pub called The Paddy Wagon inflatable pub. This inflatable party structure comes complete with brickwork on the outside, chimneys, a fake fireplace, and light fixtures printed right on the vinyl. These structures are perfect for those that need room for a crowd, or want a more intimate gathering.

The inflatable pubs are offered in a variety of sizes, with the largest having room for 80 people. But, The Paddy Wagon inflatable pub isn't the only thing like it on the market. There are also other companies that have inflatable pubs available to rent out and even buy. What's more, they come in a variety of themes including a German Bierhaus or tavern (via Inflatable Pub). So, if you want to make your next party an event to remember, try renting an inflatable pub and take your backyard shindig to the next level.