Impossible Foods Just Announced A New Line With Convenience In Mind

Following any diet typically takes a lot of planning and preparation work, from the low-carb keto diet to a plant-based diet. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle, your options for a quick grab-and-go meal are limited, whether eating at a restaurant, picking up something at the gas station, or packing a lunch to take to work. But, a new line of foods unveiled by Impossible Foods aims to help people eat healthy even if they're short on time.

Impossible Foods launched its first product in 2016 with its plant-based Impossible Burger, according to the company's website. Its lineup of food made from plants include meat, dairy, and fish. Impossible Foods' mission is to reduce climate change in addition to increasing the world's biodiversity to previous levels. It's also committed to making food people enjoy and selling it at a reasonable price. In addition to Impossible Foods' lineup of items like meatballs, chicken patties, and ground sausage (all made from plants), Impossible Meats is providing its plant-based meats to national restaurant chains, including Burger King, Red Robin, White Castle, Panda Express, and Dave & Buster's, among others, according to USA Today. Their next venture aims to make eating plant-based meals easier.

New frozen plant-based meals

Impossible Meats has created a lineup of frozen single-serve meals to enjoy at home or the office. According to an announcement from the company, the entrees can be heated up in five minutes or less and come in eight varieties, all made from plants: Sweet & Sour Impossible Pork; Teriyaki Impossible Chicken; Chili Mac with Impossible Pork; Barbeque Impossible Pork; Spaghetti & Impossible Meatballs; Pasta Bolognese with Impossible Beef & Pork; Burrito Bowl with Impossible Beef; and Spicy Enchilada Bowl with Impossible Chicken.

The Impossible Bowls frozen entrees were developed with the help of Golden West Food Group and will also be distributed by the company, according to the news release. While the first eight bowls with American and Asian influences will start to be sold right away in about 4,000 Walmart stores across the country, there is a plan to introduce more bowls in the future. According to the announcement, Italian- and Latin-inspired frozen entrees will hit stores in October. When it comes to nutrition, each 9-ounce bowl has 10 grams to 13 grams of protein, 3 grams or less of saturated fat, and no cholesterol.