The Best Type Of Mushrooms To Pair With Your Steak

Steak and potatoes? Get out of here. Steak and mushrooms are the true match made in heaven. Packed with umami flavor, mushrooms are the perfect complement to steak, as their umami enhances the rich flavors of the meat, since mushrooms are described as being full-bodied and deep in flavor (The Mushroom Council). Complementing steak either as a side dish or accompanying sauce, mushrooms are a must to include in your next steakhouse feast.

From portobellos and white button to oyster and shiitake, there is a wide range of mushrooms to choose from. Some may be easier to find in your local supermarkets than others, but all can be delectable when prepared properly. Although most can be used interchangeably (while noting different cook times and water contents), they do have different flavors and textures. Everyone is bound to have their favorite when it comes to different recipes, but some mushrooms simply pair better with steak than others.

So which mushroom reigns supreme?

It can be hard to pick favorites when it comes to mushrooms, but cremini mushrooms are ideal to pair with steak. Often compared to the portobello, cremini mushrooms are essentially just younger portobellos, and are often called "baby bellas." Creminis are brown in color, much smaller than their grown-up version (the portobello), and rich in flavor (per Foods Guy). With a combination of umami and a distinctively earthy taste, creminis pair very well with steak.

Somewhere between a white button mushroom and a portobello, creminis are firmer and darker than white buttons, but more versatile in size than portobellos (per The Kitchn). Cooking quickly, cremini mushrooms are absolutely delish when sautéed quickly with butter and herbs, making a hearty side dish for any steak. Alternatively, they are ideal for throwing right into the pan alongside a steak (according to Foods Guy). In addition, they hold up well when cooking in liquid, and are an ideal base when making a creamy mushroom sauce, since they are perfect for infusing flavor. If you're looking to try something a little different, dried mushrooms contain more umami flavor, so even a dusting of dried mushroom (especially cremini) over your steak will enhance its flavor and add some earthy undertones (per The Mushroom Council)!