The Gas Stove Maintenance Task You've Been Overlooking

A gas stove has many virtues. One of the biggest advantages of this appliance is the temperature control provided to a chef or home cook, according to The Daily Meal. When a gas burner is switched on, it provides instant heat, and simply by raising or lowering the flame, you are able to manage the temperature. This means your pans take less time to get warm up or cool down — in comparison to an electric stove.

If you've ever had a pot of boiling pasta water ready to spill over as it cooks or watched your bacon sizzling and popping grease all over as it fries, then you know how convenient it is to have this type of control over the heating element. Additionally, there are plenty of gas stove lovers who think that cleaning their burners is far easier than those on an electric stove. But, we aren't going to wade into that food fight right now; however, when it comes to cleaning the gas stove, there may be one maintenance task you have been overlooking.

You will need a pipe cleaner

If you take care of your gas stove, it will take care of the foods you cook on it. Flamingo Appliance explains that while you probably already have the basics down for cleaning your gas top stove, there may be one maintenance task that you are forgetting. The appliance expert reveals most owners of gas stoves overlook the burner channels. These channels are hidden under the burner cap and are responsible for letting out that beautiful blue ring of controllable flame. The site goes on to share that if these channels get blocked then you won't be able to achieve an even temperature to heat your pots and pans.

So, how do you clean these channels if they are blocked? According to the Liberty Inspection Group, the only way to clean these channels is with a pipe or straw cleaner. These items are designed for this specific task. Flamingo Appliance also strongly cautions that you should never try to use a toothpick or kebab skewer. Apparently, others have done the research for us, and it's not a good idea if you want your gas stove burners to work properly.