Which Country Produces The Most Almonds?

Almonds are beloved in many forms, whether they are roasted, salted, raw, ground into flour, processed as milk, or turned into butter, they are the go-to nut for many people across the globe. You'll find people from all corners of the globe slathering almond butter on a piece of toast, snacking on a handful, or baking up a batch of gluten-free bread. One thing is clear: People need their almond fix.

The United States consumes the most almonds out of any country — by a long way– with India, Germany, and Spain not far behind. Italy and the United Arab Emirates are also big fans of the nut while its popularity in Asian countries is quickly growing (via World Atlas).

While enjoyment spans nations, only a handful of countries produce and export almonds. Considering the little crunchy oval has earned the title of "most produced tree nut in the world," where exactly is all this almond growing taking place?

Very specific conditions needed

Not only does the United States consume the most almonds, but it also produces the largest quantity as well. In the most recently reported harvest year, 1.4 million tons of the nut came from America. According to the Almond Board of California, 100% of the country's almonds are grown in California and that makes up 80% of the world's total supply. California almonds are the nation's top specialty crop and are exported to over 90 countries worldwide.

Almonds are the fruit of almond trees. In order to grow their bounty, the trees require a climate similar to the Mediterranean. They need lots of water and sunshine as well as a warm climate. They do not do well in very cold weather making California a perfect home for the trees to thrive (via Statista).

Almonds are so cherished by the state that Esparto, California celebrates their blossom in an annual festival that's over 100 years old!