How To Make Avocado Toast Keto-Friendly

All hail avocado toast — the preferred breakfast food for west coast hipster-millennials. Jokes aside, avocado toast is incredibly popular, especially in California, and for good reason, per Only In Your State. Avocados are a rich source of nutrients and healthy fats (via Medical News Today) and when smashed and put on top of toast, it's a great vehicle for eggs, which are notoriously jam-packed with protein, according to Healthline

Some avocado toast recipes also call for some kind of citrus, which adds a burst of vitamin C, and the bread you're toasting will give you a carb-kick to start your day. Want to get fancy? You can try topping your avocado toast with asparagus and a poached egg. Avocado is delicious served over many types of bread including, sourdough, multi-grain, English muffins, and bagels. But what if you're gluten sensitive or are simply opting for a lower-carb lifestyle? There are a few tricks to make avocado toast keto-friendly.

It's all about that base

The first step in making avocado keto-friendly is to use keto-friendly bread (or another keto-friendly alternative) as the base for your dish. According to Women's Health Magazine, there are a number of low-carb breads that can be used to make avocado toast, and since the bread is just a vehicle for the dish's other ingredients you won't really sacrifice any flavor. While a lot of keto breads have low net carbs, they might still contain gluten, so if you're gluten-free or experimenting with a gluten-free diet you might be better off making your own keto bread so you can control what ingredients go into it.

If you try your luck at home, KetoFocus has a 90-second bread recipe. You can also try making a gluten-free keto bread made with almond flour, which is perfect for anyone who has gluten sensitivities (via KetoFocus). There are also other bread alternatives like cloud bread that is made with eggs, cream cheese, and sea salt, per Wholesome Yum

In other words, there are many possibilities out there and avocado is not reserved solely for those that eat regular bread. No matter what you use as the vehicle for your keto-friendly avocado toast, you can be sure that the shining star of the show will still be the avocado. And don't let anyone shame you for making avocado toast. There's nothing wrong with loving a breakfast dish that's considered "basic" as long as it's delicious.