Bacardi's New Rum Features A Uniquely Aged Finish

If you weren't aware that August is National Rum Month, there's still time to grab a bottle of your favorite spirit and mix up a delectable rum cocktail like a classic daiquiri or refreshing mojito. Rum is the go-to for light, tropical mixed drinks, but some varieties feature warmer, more spice-forward notes that make it a versatile liquor. According to Cision, Bacardí plans to finish off the celebratory month by releasing the second in its series of five limited-edition artisanal rums, and this one will have you leaving your mai-tai behind as you gear up for the fall season.

Despite the many varieties of rum, Insider notes that the distinct flavor comes from the sugarcane and sugarcane byproducts like molasses, which are the cornerstone of the sweet spirit. Its complexity and depth are elevated by additional spices and time spent aging in barrels that produce the smooth, drinkable spirit that many enjoy. The barrels are responsible for softening rum's sharp edges and creating a sweet spirit with caramel and vanilla notes. Warmer climates speed the barrel aging process allowing rum to develop flavors and get into glasses faster.

Bacardí began expanding its portfolio of premium rums in 2018 when it announced the steady release of rums aged from four to over 12 years. The world's most awarded rum producer challenged their distilling expertise by creating a five-year collection series that started with a cask-finished sherry last year and will continue dropping new releases through 2025.

BACARDÍ develops an exclusive sippable rum

Known as "The Family Reserve," Bacardí Reserva Ocho is an aged rum featuring a combination of sweet and earthy notes inspired by a family recipe that dates back to 1862. According to Cision, the Reserva Ocho is part of Bacardí's exclusive Cask Finish Series, which promises unique and complex flavor notes from its barrel aging and finishing process.

After being aged for eight to 12 years in American oak barrels, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is finished in rye casks for two months before being bottled. Casks are barrels used to impart flavor to liquor during the aging process, and the NorthEast Barrel Company explains that transferring spirits to a new cask for finishing often builds the flavor layers of a liquor aged in only one type of barrel.

Bacardí credits the extensive aging and finishing processes used on the Reserva Ocho with developing a golden rum that smells like spiced gingerbread and features smoky earthen flavors with hints of vanilla and brown sugar. It is smooth enough to be sipped or simply enjoyed on the rocks. The Bacardí Reserva Ocho Rye Cask Finish has a 45% ABV and is available in 750mL bottles for a limited time.