Mason Hereford's Bread Tips For The Perfect Sandwich

A sandwich is one of the most effortless meals to prepare, but its simple ingredients may very well be the reason why it's beloved as more than just a go-to work lunch. The uncomplicated base recipe of a sandwich makes them easily customizable — which led duchess Anna Maria Stanhope to popularize small but nourishing sandwiches for afternoon tea in the 19th century (via Saveur) and crab and cucumber iterations of sandwiches to become a popular dinner appetizer today.

But if you're hoping to learn how to make the perfect sandwich to serve as the main course at your next dinner party, it all starts with how you choose to prepare the bread. And when Chef Mason Hereford, who has dedicated a lot of his career to the art of crafting delicious sandwiches (per New Orleans), recently appeared on "Late Night with Seth Myers," he disclosed why he felt that sandwiches are the culinary world's most perfect meal and showed viewers how to ready bread for a sandwich that may make fellow food-enthusiasts agree with him.

How Chef Mason Hereford uses science to prepare sandwich bread

When Chef Mason Hereford started demonstrating his take on a baloney sandwich on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," he used a pre-prepared loaf of white bread from New Orleans. However, his method for preparing sandwich bread would also work with any homemade loaf – so long as at-home chefs are sure to follow Hereford's advice and cut out thick slices. Hereford explained that grilling thick slices of bread in a pan over stove top causes the sandwich bread to have a crispy texture on the outside while still remaining steamy and soft in its center. For those who want to add butter to their bread, Hereford recommended spreading butter from edge to edge on each slice before putting them on heat.

Hereford stated that his second tip, however, involves actual science. Once his two bread slices were perfectly toasted, Hereford set the bread slices upright, leaning them against each other. The chef noted that immediately laying the bread slices flat would cause them to lose their crispness and structure due to the steam softening them. By setting the two bread slices upwards, more airflow is able to get through the bread, which will keep the slices crispy and firm. 

Whether preparing a classic BLT or trying out an herb mayo club sandwich, you'll be able to make sure your sandwiches' bread taste as delightful as its filling with Hereford's.