Why You Should Never Put Dried Fruit In The Blender

Blenders and fruits are always a good combination. But while fresh strawberries and frozen multi-berry mixes may be perfect for creating bright and sweet smoothies, some avid smoothie-makers may be surprised that not all fruit variations are made to throw into a smoothie recipe. For example, canned fruits are often deemed a no-go for tossing into the blender due to the amount of sugar they add to what is supposed to be a nutritious breakfast.

But what about dried fruit? After all, Healthline reported that raisins and dried versions of your favorite fruits are usually filled with health benefits. The only real difference between the two is that dried fruit has been purged of water. However, despite it being a healthy snack choice, as much as you may love dried fruit, your blender certainly won't. According to Eating Well, regular dried fruit in a blender is a recipe for disaster.

Dried fruit will make a mess of your blender

Eating Well reported that due to dried fruit's texture, once you turn on your blender after adding it into your smoothie recipe, the dried fruit will stick to its blades — ruining your chances of getting a smoothie and forcing you to have to take the time to clean your blender. However, Eating Well does have suggestions for how to make dried fruit more blender-friendly.

You can try cutting your dried fruit into smaller pieces or allow it to set in water until it is no longer hard. If you want to make sure your smoothie is extra silky, Sincerely Nuts also recommends adding your dried fruit to your wet ingredients after it's been submerged in water and blending that mixture before putting the rest of your fruits in and blending again. But those who want the chewiness of regular dried fruit in their smoothie don't have to completely give up the idea of adding plain dried fruit to their mid-day treat. Try mixing dried fruit into your drink after you have blended your other ingredients to get the consistency in your smoothie without damaging your blender.