The Type Of Crab Meat Ina Garten Recommends

There's nothing quite like going to your favorite beach spot and enjoying eating crab while taking in the beautiful ocean view. Crab meat has that ideal combination of a salty and sweet taste that goes perfectly with a variety of dishes. Whether it's the star of the show in a dish like crab cakes or added into a hearty soup like corn chowder, it never disappoints. The crustaceans are also a great source of protein and have plenty of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, which can improve heart health and has been shown to diminish the risk of dementia, according to WebMD.  

However, depending on the recipe you make, it's important to pick the right type of crab meat to give you the best flavor. Thankfully, cooking icon Ina Garten has some great tips for those of us that love seafood. Garten revealed her secret to making her delicious fresh crab and pea risotto entree to the Food Network. The dish features ingredients like shallots, poblano peppers, and garlic. One fan that made the recipe wrote, "We love risotto and this recipe did not disappoint! Followed the recipe exactly and it was fabulous! A definite keeper!" But in order to get this kind of robust taste, the cooking expert said you have to use this specific type of crab.

She suggests using lump crab meat

While shredded crab meat can add a nice flavor to certain meals, Garten recommends using lump crab meat for entrees like her crab and pea risotto dish, per Food Network. In the video where she's giving step-by-step directions she says you can use the shredded kind, but you won't really taste it as much if you do. "It will flavor it, but it won't really have the best taste that this does," she divulges. "It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it." In a separate video from the Food Network, the cooking star also recommends lump crab meat for her delicious looking nachos. Garten says it adds a nice bite to the recipe that also contains tasty ingredients like melty cheese, chile peppers, and homemade salsa. 

To get the best quality of crab meat, Southern Living also suggests that you buy it during its peak season, between March through November. The outlet says it's equally important to build a relationship with the person you purchase your seafood from because they can give you the scoop on the best varieties to get and when the prices are best. So the next time you're making a seafood inspired meal, you might want to reach for the big chunks of crab at the store, versus the shredded variety. Your tastebuds will thank you.