The Quick Trick That Makes Frosting Sheet Cakes Even Easier

Is there anything more lovely to look at than mounds upon mounds of fluffy cake frosting? Not to be confused with icing, cake frosting, per Master Class, is a decadent, creamy, sweet whipped topping for your favorite red velvet cake, devil's food cake, or whatever your go-to cake recipe might be. It's an essential part of this dessert; in fact, frosting can be the most important step in the process of making a cake. Whether you favor a classic vanilla buttercream recipe, a cream cheese topping, or a whipped variety of frosting, that added sweetness it provides can take a good cake and make it great.

The great news is you don't have to be a skilled decorator to frost a cake and to do so well. According to Taste of Home, if you have an offset spatula, you are in business; the kitchen tool can make frosting a cake with a thick, even layer of this topping easy-peasy. This tried-and-true tool is especially important when frosting a sheet cake. However, the power of the internet is proving there's more than one way to frost a cake, and we have discovered a trick you can use on your next sheet pan cake that will make frosting a cake so much easier and mess free. It will also save you time while producing a magical spread.

Melt the frosting

Leave it to the TikTok community to share a hack that is pure genius. If you've baked a sheet pan cake and need to add some frosting, grocery brand Kroger demonstrated on its TikTok channel how a taking a container of ready-made frosting and a microwave will turn your frosting woes into a frosting "oh yass!" showstopper. And get this — no tools needed. 

The video explains that you want to take your container of frosting and put it in the microwave, heating it at 10-second intervals until it is melted. You are looking for a liquid consistency. Once you've melted your frosting, you want to pour it evenly over your sheet pan cake and wait for the frosting to cool down to room temperature. In a matter of no time, you have a perfectly frosted sheet pan cake without any extra cleanup after frosting. This hack works and is so popular, Rachael Ray featured it on her show back in 2017. The woman demonstrating the trick suggests putting your frosting a microwave-safe container before melting it, and explains that this trick can also be used for layer cakes. Additionally, if you want to add a splash of color to your frosting, the woman in the video suggests adding a little food coloring.