The Food Show Samin Nosrat Wants To Make After Salt Fat Acid Heat

When Chef Samin Nosrat dropped her 2018 Netflix food show Salt Fat Acid Heat, audiences fell in love with her sweet, bubbly personality and passion for delicious food. Based on her bestselling book by the same name, Nosrat traveled around the world and spent time in Italy, Japan, the Yucatán, and her home city of Berkeley, California deep-diving into each of what she describes as the four elements of good cooking (via The Atlantic).

Nosrat's 2017 book received rave reviews and the show was no exception. When the series premiered, The Atlantic praised Nosrat for her genuine, contagious excitement, which is often a rare attribute in the world of more restrained and controlled culinary programming.

Since season one of the show was such a big hit, would there be a season two? Sadly not. Back in 2019, Nosrat told People Magazine that one season was enough but shared her eagerness to launch another show. Nosrat has since voiced her dream to participate in another food show. Conceptually, it sounds as delightful as her first.

Samin's cooking up a new concept

As told to People Magazine, Nosrat shared her eagerness to produce a new show but said she'd likely head in a different direction. The chef described that she was in the daydreaming phase and spending time thinking of new show concepts. On the list of places she'd like to go? India, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico... maybe even Disneyland!

In 2019, Nosrat told The New York Times that she's interested not only in food but other things like ceramics and pottery. She also expressed her dismay at how hard it can be to make a travel show and suggested something that was more stationary. Though nothing is officially in pre-production, fans can only hope that Nosrat's love of food, travel, and culture will see her release a new project soon. In the meantime, you can rewatch her shows on Netflix and browse Tasting Table's Travel City Guides to stir up your own culinary wanderlust.