How To Know If You're Using The 'Correct' Side Of A Tortilla

It's pretty easy to tell if you have put a shirt on backwards. Tags and buttons are generally a dead giveaway. But when it comes to some foods, telling the difference between front and back can be downright impossible. After all, regardless of which side of your toast you choose to add you butter to, it's going to taste amazing. Slice-up a classic pound cake and no one trifles with this question because you not only won't be able to tell the front from back, but you don't care. Okay, that is unless you get the butt of the cake. However, when it comes to the tortilla, just like there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to every tortilla, and each has its purpose. 

According to Alto Hartley, the tortilla came into existence around 10,000 BC. They were made of maize and the Spanish called dibs on naming them. Today, we gobble up store bought and homemade tortillas alike. Per Knowledge Source Intelligence, the tortilla market is expected to be worth a whopping $58.662 billion by 2026. And while it may seem like a simple round disc of flatbread, as it turns out, this beloved Mexican staple that is used for everything from tacos to burritos to enchiladas is a little more complicated. 

How can you tell which side of the tortilla you are looking at?

The back is thicker

Eater explains that if you are looking at the front of a tortilla, it is going to be thinner than the back and you can actually tear off the thin skin on this side. However, the back, according to KCRW, will be much thicker. Who cares? We hear you. Well, the back or outside of the tortilla is much stronger. This is so it can hold all those beautiful fillings. The site goes on to share that when you know the difference between the two, you will realize it is much easier to fold your tacos and burritos when you place the filling on the inside or front of the tortilla. They also note that this is true if you are making quesadillas or any delicious meals with a tortilla, regardless if it is the corn or flour variety.

Mextrade reveals that it is the heat and when the dough initially hits the frying pan that helps to distinguish between the two sides. This is when the outside of the tortilla is formed. KCRW shares that if you are having trouble distinguishing between the front and back of a tortilla, just remember that the back or outside will be darker in color in comparison to the inside or front.