Why Instacart Employees Say Leaving A Review Is Crucial

Every transaction nowadays feels like it ends with a request for a review. Some are expected, like the printed requests on the back of a fast food restaurant's receipt, for which you'll be rewarded with free food if you do the survey, and others are more unexpected, like those that come after you purchase a sheet of stamps at the post office. With all of the requests to leave reviews and feedback, it can get a bit overwhelming. However, consumers know firsthand how helpful it can be to read a review before selecting which restaurant to eat at, which bike to buy, or which movie to watch.

About half of online shoppers post a review monthly, according to a study by Global Web Index. The people who leave online reviews most often are in the age range of 25 to 34, with people older than that less likely to post a review. Unsurprisingly, positive reviews can really help a business. Inc. reports that positive reviews can lead to increased sales and improve a brand's reputation. And for Instacart shoppers, those reviews impact their work.

Reviews affect Instacart shoppers directly

The amount and kind of reviews that Instacart shoppers receive affect them greatly by influencing what kind of orders they receive, as well as their morale. According to This Online World, shoppers who have higher ratings get first dibs on "batches" or orders, before they are offered to shoppers with lower ratings. If a shopper's overall rating is lower, then they will get offered fewer batches per hour. There are several factors that figure into how an Instacart shopper is paid, including number of products in an order, the distance and difficulty of a delivery, base pay for shoppers, the fee for heavy products, and customer tips, of which shoppers keep all.

Food & Wine also reported that reviews can affect an Instacart shopper's mindset, especially if no explanation is given for a single-star review. Conversely, a positive review can greatly help a shopper who did a good job. Next time you place an order, whether through Instacart of another service, consider leaving a review as it may have more impact on the shopper more than you had imagined.