The Curious Ice Cream Combination Only Found In Nova Scotia

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream; it is the perfect treat, regardless of the temperature outside. Adults and children alike cannot resist a scoop of their favorite flavors from local ice cream parlors. Some may lean toward classic chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, but others order a chunky cookie dough or rocky road on a cone. Some shops have whipped up unique flavors in an attempt to lure customers and draw crowds. In Nova Scotia, however, there is a popular ice cream flavor they've been keeping to themselves. 

There are different theories behind how this flavor became so famous; some say it brings back feelings of home, while others love the colorful scoops (per Atlas Obscura). Fans of this original flavor have dyed their hair to match the psychedelic-looking colors, made products using the same color scheme, and even developed other foods with the same flavor profile (via Narcity).

Ice cream that tastes as fun as it looks

What is this mysterious flavor? It's called Moon Mist, and people who have tried it absolutely love it. Created in Nova Scotia, Moon Mist is ice cream made from a combination of grape, banana, and bubblegum flavors. Similar to Neapolitan ice cream and spumoni ice cream cake recipes, three flavors are mixed together but not fully blended. The end result is a "pastel unicorn" or "galaxy swirl" of colors that can be plopped into dishes or placed onto cones (via Narcity). Since the 1980s, this treat has been one of the most popular flavors in Nova Scotia and other Canadian eastern provinces (per Atlas Obscura). 

Saltwire describes the taste as tangy and similar to sorbet. Alas, if you want to try Moon Mist ice cream for yourself, you may have to take a trip to Nova Scotia to order a scoop to sample.