New Student Ranking Says This School Has The Best Food On Campus

Tacos, ramen from packets, and pizza, may be the foods most often associated with college life, but a recent survey shows that college students want much more out of their campus meal programs. The Princeton Review analyzed data it collected from 160,000 students that attend hundreds of different schools to complete its "The Best 388 Colleges" list. The survey participants were asked 85 questions on topics such as their school's academics, college life, and the student body. 

In the case of the quality of life on campus, questions were about the school's appearance, its dorms, and its food. The honor of best quality of life went to Kansas State University, while the college with the best appearance went to Washington University in St. Louis. It's likely not a coincidence that the campus that won for best food makes locally sourced meals a priority, since eating and living healthy has been shown to be increasingly important for college students (via Forbes).

This college focuses on healthy foods for students

The college with the best campus food is no stranger to the list. For the sixth consecutive year, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst prepared the best food for its students. CBS News reports that UMass focuses on locally sourced and healthy meals that reflect a variety of foods. To feed its students, UMass also has the largest college dining program in the U.S. 

"We're truly honored and humbled by such lasting recognition," said Ken Toong, auxiliary enterprises executive director. "Being consistently ranked at the top would not be possible without our dedicated, talented and hardworking team, and our students who recognize these efforts."

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, along with all of the other schools on The Princeton Review list, were asked the same question: "How do you rate the food on campus?" Following University of Massachusetts-Amherst on the list were Bowdoin College, Washington University in St. Louis, Cornell University, Pitzer College and Vanderbilt University.