The Overlooked Kitchen Chore That Should Be A Daily Habit

When all the cooking fun is said and done, one is inevitably rewarded with a mess of a kitchen to clean up. It's not easy to continuously summon the strength to wash dishes, wipe down countertops, and put ingredients back in their respective places. But such effort always results in a sparkling clean kitchen that lightens the stress load and gives home cooks a piece of mind (via Insider).

You could take some advice from professional chefs and clean the kitchen as you cook, per Well + Good. This could mean washing some dishes as you wait for a pot of water to boil or cleaning up some spilled sauce sooner rather than later. That way, the kitchen will be that much cleaner post-cooking, which also means fewer chores for you to do when you finish eating.

But there's one overlooked kitchen chore that many home cooks neglect, which should really be a daily habit.

Grab that broom

Many people don't think to sweep their kitchen floors all that regularly, and that's probably because it's not at eye level like your countertops. But such a calming act collects dust, dirt, and bits of spices and veggies that, when left on the floor, eventually create a tough buildup that takes a whole lot more effort to clean up, often calling for the help of a mop. In essence, explains the Kitchn, sweeping every day means keeping that mop at bay, so think of it as doing your future self a favor.

Cleanliness aside, OnlyMyHealth states that the act of sweeping offers some health benefits, like a decrease in stress levels and a reduction in dust allergies. The latter usually comes from dust mites and pet hair, which can cause sneezing, teary eyes, and breathing problems, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology. While sweeping can temporarily set off dust allergies, doing so more often will lessen the allergen load.

Sweeping the kitchen floor is arguably one of the quickest and easiest post-meal chores, so we recommend doing it every day to keep your kitchen clean and avoid bigger messes in the future.