Kitchenware To Cut Down On Washing Dishes

Three ways to avoid doing dishes

As much as we love switching up the scenery of our dining locales, it can be a nuisance to schlep the requisite tools to and from the kitchen.

Just in time for the waning window of al fresco season, here are a few new ways to lighten your load:

Glassware Packing wineglasses can be supremely tricky, with the inherent risk that your stemware will end up in a pile of shards at the bottom of your bag. So we turned to govino's shatterproof glassware and haven't looked back. And now with the debut of shatterproof flutes ($13), we can take celebratory toasts on the road as well (click here to buy).

Napkins Though they come on a cardboard roll, the cotton linens from MYDrap (available in napkin or place-mat size; starts at $28) are a far cry from a paper towel. Available in a myriad of stylish color options, they can be used up to six times before you (literally) throw in the towel (click here to buy).

Spoons The spoons made by EcoTensil ($35 for a case) from recyclable and biodegradable paperboard occupy much less room than the average disposable utensil. The smaller size is ideal for scooping ice cream, while the larger iterations suit most every other possible use.