Ina Garten's Tip For Carving A Rack Of Lamb For A Crowd

Rack of lamb is one of those dishes that seems really fancy and therefore intimidating. It's the kind of meal you might order at a restaurant but shudder to think about preparing at home, especially when hosting a dinner party. You might be scared it'll turn out tough, or gamey, but the truth is that it's no more difficult to prepare than any other type of rib loin.

Democrat & Chronicle notes that cooking a rack of lamb is actually a great way to dip your toe into preparing lamb since it's one of the easier cuts of lamb to cook; it takes less than an hour and has a delicate flavor. Plus, the rack of lamb is naturally tender so there's less risk of it coming out tough. When it comes to serving a rack of lamb, empress of the kitchen, Ina Garten has some serving suggestions that will leave your guests thinking you could cook this rack of lamb in your sleep.

Portion it out for guests' differing appetites

It can be frustrating and embarrassing to attend a plated dinner party and be over or under-served. If your plate is too full and you can't finish it, you might worry the host will think you didn't like your food. On the other hand, if your plate portion leaves you still hungry, you might worry about being perceived as greedy, or like you're hogging the food.

Ina Garten suggests that when you carve her rosemary rack of lamb, you cut it into single and double chops and then place them on a serving tray. This way a guest can choose the piece of meat they'd like. By giving your guests options, you not only allow them to dictate how much food they'd like to eat, but you're also being considerate of their preference for portion sizes. Next time you decide to be bold and cook a rack of lamb for your guests, you can be confident that this plating technique will make you the host(ess) with the most(est).