Jose Cuervo Is Celebrating The End Of Summer With 2 New Canned Cocktails

No backyard barbecue or trip to the beach is complete without a cooler packed full of canned drinks. That's never been truer than ever this summer. The steady popularity of hard seltzer that began in 2019 eventually led to the rise of canned cocktails and as of 2022, it's become the fastest growing alcohol category, according to CNBC. The trend has even led brands like Jose Cuervo to add canned drinks to their beverage selection for the first time. 

Jose Cuervo is well known for its bottled tequilas and margarita mixes, but now consumers can also turn to the brand for canned drinks. Playamar, its line of hard seltzers that come in natural flavors "inspired by the beaches of Mexico," will soon be joined by a pair of sparkling cocktails, also sold in a convenient can. And even with summer coming to a close, fans of Jose Cuervo and canned cocktails, will want to take a sip of the newest drinks.

Jose Cuervo's new canned cocktails are made with real tequila

Most people are drawn to canned cocktails because of their convenience, but with Jose Cuervo, you get quality too. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the brand's sparkling cocktails are made with the same authentic Jose Cuervo tequila you know and love, rather than malt liquor like its competitors. The new drinks are available in two tasty flavors — Tequila Mule and Pink Lemonade Margarita. 

The Tequila Mule flavor is a moscow mule with a twist, combining tequila with lemon, ginger, lime juice, and agave. While the Pink Lemonade Margarita is similar to Jose Cuervo's Sparkling Margarita, but is also flavored with raspberries, strawberries, oranges, and lemon peel. Per the press release, Jose Cuervo's new tequila-based Sparkling Cocktails come in 355 ml cans and are sold in packs of four for $12.99. You can find the drinks wherever Jose Cuervo is sold, at retailers nationwide.