The Benefit Of Cooking Latkes In A Cast Iron Skillet

Latkes are the traditional meal of Hanukkah, which are generally made up of three important ingredients. They include shredded potatoes, onions, and something to bind it all together, according to Serious Eats. The outlet notes that the most common binders include eggs, matzo meal, and potato starch. Once they've been formed into patties, they are then fried in oil. The oil used for frying latkes signifies the miracle of holy oil lasting in the Jewish Temple to light the menorah for eight days, though they should have only had a days worth left (via Learn Religions). 

If you're worried about burning this special dish, The Nosher suggests an oil with a high smoke point, like vegetable, canola or safflower. They also recommend being generous with the amount of oil you use, and replenishing the pan after frying each batch. While there are a few different ways to fry foods in the kitchen, the next time you cook latkes, you may also want to try your cast iron skillet for the best outcome.

Fry up the perfect latkes

The perfect type of latkes will feature a thick, crispy, golden-brown crust, according to Serious Eats. One of the best ways to achieve this crispy exterior is by frying your latkes in a cast iron skillet, due to the pan's superior heat retention properties. The pan will hold onto heat, allowing you to use less time adjusting the flame on your stove, and more time focusing on frying up those delicious potatoes.

In addition to being great at holding heat, cast iron skillets are naturally nonstick, so you will have less to worry about when it is time to clean up (via Earth's Friends). Between the oil used for frying and the skillet's coating, you can save your elbow grease and enjoy an easy cleanup. So, while your cast iron skillet cools down after cooking, grab a fork and dig in to your perfectly crispy potatoes.