Add A Sweet Kick To Chicken Burgers With This Unexpected Ingredient

Chicken burgers get a bad rap for being dry and because the meat is leaner than beef, they need a little extra love to come out juicy and tender. There are plenty of tricks out there to add moisture back in, like this Greek yogurt trick. But when you find a hack that also flavors the burger, watch out. You're on the fast train to taste central.

There are several reasons why you might choose to make chicken burgers over beef burgers. Chicken is higher in protein and lower in fat, so it's innately healthier for you (via Healthline). Chicken is also less damaging to the environment, as the greenhouse emissions from chicken production is far less than beef production, per National Geographic. On the other hand, chicken doesn't have the same kind of rich flavor that beef has, or the built-in fat content. So, in addition to adding some healthy fats into your ground chicken mix, you'll want to be sure to add plenty of flavor. Here is a trick that enables you to do both at the same time.

Here comes the sun-dried tomato

According to Simply Recipes, olive oil is a helpful addition when making burgers with poultry. They recommend adding two whole tablespoons of olive oil to their turkey burger recipe, so the same ratio can be applied to ground chicken when making chicken burgers. America's Test Kitchen, recommends adding sun-dried tomato oil to your chicken burger recipe instead of plain olive oil to not only increase the fat content, but also to flavor the heck out of your patties.

Sun-dried tomatoes have a sweet, zippy flavor to them and are traditionally preserved in olive oil that is packed with flavor from herbs and often times, garlic, so be mindful of your seasoning if you mix the oil right into your meat mixture. If you're worried about oil affecting the consistency when building your chicken burger patties, you can simply opt to drizzle some of the sun-dried tomato oil on top of the patties before serving.

Hungry yet? On your next burger night try this trick to give you that perfectly juicy, and tasty burger. Who knows, with that sun-dried tomato zing in there you might not even need ketchup.