The Real Reason Tailgating Parties May Cost You More This Season

As we head into football season, fans across the nation are looking forward to tailgating with friends and family before games. The parking lot parties are a great way to celebrate your favorite team's home game, spend time with other fans, and get excited before watching your favorite players.

There is some discrepancy as to where and how tailgating became popular. One theory is that it started at a Rutgers-Princeton college football game, when attendees began grilling sausages before the game, per Mile High Report. They report that other theories involve hungry fans bringing food before a Yale game, or that Green Bay Packers fans would use pickup truck tailgates for seating on the fields, coining the term. But regardless of where and when the tradition began, it has grown into a popular pastime among sports fans.

One great way to split up the cost of a tailgating party is to divide up the responsibilities: One group can grab the beer, while someone else cooks up a giant pot of chili for everyone to enjoy. But unfortunately, no matter what you opt to bring this year, the cost of celebrating may be a bit higher.

Inflation keeps the cost of food rising

As inflation keeps the average cost of living rising, that could mean your tailgating parties are getting more expensive this year, in more ways than one. 

USA Today reports that groceries are, on average, around 13.1% more expensive now than they were one year ago. While some foods, like pork ribs, remain cheaper than others – chicken had a high jump, at 17.6%. This could be a great year to enjoy some fresh fruits and veggies, which only rose around 10%, instead of pre-packaged snacks, which jumped up by almost 17%. 

While buying booze for a crowd has never been cheap, USA Today revealed that the average price of beer has risen 4.6% in the last year. Meanwhile, the New York Post shared that the demand for cheaper brands, like Busch Light and Icehouse, has risen further thanks to inflation, marking a 5.4% increase since July 2021. 

Although getting together with friends and family before a game is always a good time, keep in mind the extra cost this year as we head into football season.