Serve This Unexpected Ice Cream Flavor At Your Next Dinner

As the summer is winding down and everyone enjoys the last few months of the scorching sun, peak ice cream eating season is coming to a close (although it should be noted that we wholeheartedly support ice cream consumption throughout every season of the year, regardless of temperatures). Now is the time to get your tongue cold and try out some newer flavors. Who knows, you may find a new favorite ice cream flavor that will blow even the classics right out of the water. 

There's one particular ice cream flavor that may sound a bit off-putting at first, but it's really just a typical vanilla ice cream with a spicier and more earthy profile. Sweet like you'd want your ice cream to be but flavored with heartier notes and a subtle spice — this dish is perfect for surprising guests with an intriguing new flavor while flexing your creative culinary muscles.   

An unexpected ingredient

Get ready for a new way to tuck vegetables into dishes. Eggplant ice cream may sound strange at first, but the simple dish results in a fun dessert to serve to guests. According to Delish, sliced pieces of the vegetable can be coated with sugar to candy and turn up the sweetness of the dish. Unlike a spicy eggplant recipe, the goal here is to bring out the complexity of taste with vanilla and cardamom.

The Rachel Ray Show suggests charring eggplant first to develop the flavor of the soon-to-be-made vegetable puree. This creamy blend will become part of the custard mixture that will eventually turn into your tasty ice cream. The spongy texture of the eggplant helps create a tempting frozen treat that sneaks health benefits into your dessert. Of course, for this process to work, it helps to have an ice cream-making machine handy.