How Ina Garten Makes Cauliflower Toast Decadent

Avocado toast may be a millennial's go-to for breakfast, but cauliflower toast is here to contend — and Ina Garten is sharing her own take on the toast. The host of Food Network's "Barefoot Contessa" is known for sharing her innovative recipes, perfect for party planning. She's the proud owner of a sprawling backyard garden, where she grows her own fruits, vegetables, and herbs — you can check out a tour of her gardens over on her Instagram.

In Garten's recipe for cauliflower toast, she shares what she typically adds to dress up the toast. New York Times Cooking suggests enjoying it as a quick lunch reminiscent of the childhood classic grilled cheese, or alongside drinks as a savory snack. This recipe originated in Garten's 2018 "Cook Like a Pro" cookbook, but she has since shared it for free on her website — and she uses a few different ingredients to enhance the cauliflower's taste.

Serve up a savory slice

Garten adds a few different ingredients to her cauliflower toast to elevate the flavor. She recommends three different cheeses in her recipe: Italian mascarpone, Gruyère, and grated parmesan (via Barefoot Contessa). She suggests adding the mascarpone and Gruyère to the cauliflower mixture and allowing it to melt. That will add that perfectly creamy, gooey feel to hold it all together until you bite into the toast. The parmesan is added as a garnish for serving, alongside chives and sea salt. She also spices it up with the addition of nutmeg, paprika, red pepper flakes, and pepper.

Once the cauliflower mixture is ready to be served, Garten crisps up slices of a sturdy bread to serve it on — her go-to is country style. Though Garten typically uses sliced prosciutto in her recipe, New York Times Cooking suggests leaving it out to make the recipe vegetarian-friendly. If you're looking for a more customized experience, Garten's recipe is a great starting point. You can alter the ingredients to your own personal preference to enjoy a healthy snack.