This Is The Best Time Of The Year To Eat Cherries

It's a true sign of summer when the cherry trees start bearing fruit. Those red berries are delicious looking and tasting, sweet and distinct. People will buy them to bake into pies or eat raw, which is perfect because those little gems are super good for you.

The Farmers' Almanac reports that cherries have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, basically acting as nature's ibuprofen. The risk of heart disease is likewise diminished due to the fruit's anti-inflammatory benefits. And the cherry on top? Cherry juice contains natural melatonin, which means that if you drink it regularly, it will help you hit the hay! So, based on the health benefits, you should absolutely be adding these super berries to your diet. But the best time to go on a cherry spree is when the berries are actually in season. That way, you know you're getting them fresh off the trees, and fruit is always better when it's fresh.

'Tis the season

So when are cherries ready to harvest? Obviously, not all hemispheres are the same, so there are going to be trees here or there that are early or late bloomers, but mid-may is when some farmers will start selling their fruit, July is the height of the season, and harvest begins to taper off in August (via All Recipes). This means that you have four months during the summer to gorge yourself on this sweet fruit before autumn hits.

There are ways to have access to out-of-season fruit at supermarkets due to year-round greenhouse producers, but according to Joe Cross, there are a handful of benefits to eating in-season. Fruit that is grown naturally and harvested at the normal time is going to taste better and pack a stronger punch when it comes to nutrition. It will also be more affordable, when the supply goes up, the price of the fruit goes down, so it will be easier on your pocketbook if you buy in-season. And lastly, if you are buying in-season and locally, you know where your fruit is coming from and its quality; out-of-season fruit can come overseas from countries with different regulations on the kinds of chemicals they are permitted to use. Overall, the summer is the best time to get your cherries, and if you want, you can buy them in bulk and freeze them for the cooler months.