The Simple Trick For Creating A Meatier Sandwich

Science might say that deli-made sandwiches taste better than the ones you craft at home. However, there are plenty of tricks to help you create a delicious Dagwood in your own kitchen — this includes meat. It's an important element of the sandwich, but the amount and the quality of the meat that you use also matter.

While it's tempting to think that thick slices of meat plopped between two pieces of bread are the crowning glory of a perfect sandwich, Bon Appétit believes that there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to cold cuts. In fact, the culinary magazine recommends cold cuts be sliced thin rather than relying on thick slabs.

As Eater explains, proper balance is the key to a great sandwich. You don't want any flavors overpowering the others, whether that's a well-aged stinky cheese or a condiment, like nose-burning mustard. Similarly, some meats are more robust than others. Salami, for example, which Tasting Table readers rank as their number two sandwich fave, leaves a strong impression. This means you should go easy when layering it between the bread slices.

Create a meatier sandwich with this trick

Bricco Salumeria believes in quality over quantity, advocating for selecting only the best and freshest deli meat for your sandwich. Not only is it tastier, but it may be better for your health. The Cleveland Clinic recommends leaving behind the pre-packaged meats in the grocery case and heading straight to the deli instead. While it might be tempting to skip the line at the counter, just sliced cold cuts contain fewer preservatives than packaged brands.

Even though you'll need to temper your meat enthusiasm, the mouthfeel of biting into a meaty hoagie is part of what makes the sandwich-eating experience a delight. To achieve this with less meat, pay attention to how you layer it on, explains Insider. The outlet cites a Reddit user, who claimed that scrunching thin slices of cold cuts (rather than layering them flat) helps create a meaty mouthful while using a lot less of the stuff.