The Unusual Trick For Removing Odors From Your Refrigerator

Sometimes even after tossing out all of the expired food and condiments and wiping a refrigerator down with a cleaner, it still smells inside there. The box of baking soda doesn't cut it, and the lemon peel doesn't make a dent in the stink. So while it seems like you are stuck with a bad-smelling refrigerator forever, there is hope.

There are several reasons that your fridge may continue to smell bad even after cleaning it, according to CS Appliance Service, such as too much moisture being present, as well as not enough air circulation. Another factor that could result in a stinky refrigerator is it is not set at the right temperature, reports Hello Technic. Too warm and food will go bad, and if it's too cold, then frost will occur, and the fridge will smell damp. Before restocking your fridge, Hello Technic recommends cleaning it with white vinegar or a mild detergent. To do a deep clean, The Home Depot advises unplugging the appliance, removing all food, cleaning the removable parts, and then cleaning the inside and exterior. 

Simple method to eliminate a bad smell

The USDA acknowledges that sometimes no matter how hard you clean, a bad smell may not leave a refrigerator, especially after a natural disaster that caused everything in the fridge to go bad. The USDA recommends filling both the refrigerator and freezer with newspapers that have been rolled up to absorb the smell. Then, keep the doors closed for a few days. After the paper is removed, clean out the appliance with water and vinegar. 

To help prevent the start of odors, Preety's Kitchen suggests lining vegetable and fruit drawers with sheets of newspaper. Even the Washington Post says that using old newspaper pages as a way to rid spaces of musty odors is a good idea. Simply take some bunched-up newspaper that has been moistened slightly with a little white vinegar and put it in drawers and on shelves. Don't let the bad smells bring you down. Simply get aggressive with a couple of common household items in vinegar and newspaper and reclaim your refrigerator.