Why It's Perfectly Okay To Buy Frozen Scallops

Scallops are as versatile as they are healthy and delicious. They can elevate any meal to restaurant standards, adding a touch of elegance to your weekly dining rotation. There are so many ways to use these unassuming bivalves: Sear them in a hot pan for an impressive crust and succulent interior; skewer and grill them to serve at your next outdoor barbecue; pair them with pasta or risotto for a hearty dish; or wrap them in bacon for a delicious appetizer. You can't go wrong when bringing scallops to the table. 

While fairly simple to prepare, scallops are often misperceived as elusive and even daunting to cook at home. That could be because there are so many factors at play when deciding which scallops to purchase. Should you use bay scallops, sea scallops, or calico scallops? King or queen? Diver or dayboat? Wet or dry? And is it best to buy fresh or is frozen okay? While the type of scallop you use is up to taste, application, and availability, there is one thing you don't have to stress over when cooking scallops. If you're unable to source fresh scallops locally or from a reputable provider, frozen scallops are a great option (via Cooking Light).

Freezing at peak freshness is key

If you, like most, can't access fresh scallops plucked from the water that day, the next best thing is to purchase flash-frozen scallops, or scallops that are frozen almost immediately after they are harvested. The key is choosing a provider that guarantees freezing at the scallops' peak freshness (via Wild Alaskan Company). Food blogger Miss Vickie stresses the importance of buying high-quality frozen scallops, which will cost more but will be well worth it when preparing your dish.

Scallops cook quickly, but planning ahead to defrost them properly is essential and will ensure you are not compromising the texture or flavor of the high-quality product you've sourced and stashed. Wild Alaskan Company explains that overnight in the refrigerator is the best method to safely defrost scallops. As Live Strong notes, just remove the frozen scallops from their packaging, put them in a bowl covered with plastic wrap, and leave them to thaw overnight. Wild Alaskan Company recommends placing paper towels underneath the frozen scallops to absorb any excess moisture.

If you're not a big planner and are in need of last-minute dinner plans, frozen scallops can be defrosted in a bowl of cold water. Simply submerge them in the cold water for about 30 minutes, according to Wild Alaskan Company.

Having frozen scallops on hand is a great way to make a healthy, delicious, and fast mid-week meal or an impressive weekend date night dinner. The convenience of having quality scallops readily available at your fingertips is unbeatable.