The Real Reason Your Breakfast Sandwich Is Bland

Breakfast sandwiches seem like the kind of food you can't go wrong with, no matter how you make them. The seemingly magical combination of toasted bread, egg, cheese, and maybe bacon or sausage, is near perfect. However, there are ways to take your breakfast sandwich from passable to superb.

According to personal chef Kevin Weeks, the ingredient that can make or break a sandwich is the bread itself (via NPR). He suggests opting for homemade or high-quality bread to get the best sandwich. Eater suggests that the best bread breakfast sandwiches are English muffins, milk bread, bagels, or kaiser rolls. That said, there's no need to shy away from the bread you already have. There are plenty of other ways to elevate your breakfast sandwich.

Additionally, take care toasting your bread, says The Kitchn. Aim for a middle ground – not too squishy, not too brittle or crispy. That said, if you're using a baguette, toasting can dry it out. If you still want some heat on your baguette, go for pressing the whole sandwich. Also, think about additional ingredients like lettuce, tomato, or pickled onions for extra flavor, substance, and crunch, says Tally Press.

Condiments are key

Regarding breakfast sandwiches, condiments are everything, says The Kitchn. Adding the right condiments can mean the difference between harmonious flavors and texture and a dry, tasteless breakfast sandwich. Condiments act as a tasty way to hold all the sandwich ingredients together.

Classic sandwich ingredients like yellow or dijon mustard, avocado, guacamole, mayonnaise, or aioli are good places to start. Mixing and matching condiments is also an excellent way to combine delicious flavors. Getting creative and experimental is all part of the fun. For an earthy and rich taste, try pesto. Maple butter can pair well with the sweet and smoky flavor of bacon, sausage, or plant-based meat. Greek yogurt adds tang, while caesar dressing gives a creamy, garlicky taste to breakfast sandwiches with lettuce and tomato, suggests Tally Press. For added sweetness, try tomato jam. If you're looking for spice, try chipotle sauce for a smoky kick.

Chef Joseph Cuccia tells Eat This that his preferred condiment for breakfast sandwiches is hollandaise sauce. "I think a great breakfast sandwich is basically a portable Eggs Benedict," Cuccia explains. "Poached egg, English muffin, maybe turkey sausage, some hollandaise ... it looks better than a deli sandwich, is somewhat lighter, and is delicious." Some argue that adding sriracha makes for the ultimate breakfast sandwich. The good news is that the abundant varieties and options for condiments mean there's always something new to add to your next breakfast sandwich.