The Best Day Of The Week To Go Grocery Shopping At Target

While the supermarket may have daily savings, it's always nice to knock out your entire shopping list, be it groceries and other home necessities, in one store — especially when that store is Target. From clothing, shoes, video games, and music, to furniture, food, movies, and electronics, this doesn't even name half of what this superstore has to offer. And on the right days, you can get just about anything you need at a reduced price.

All Things Target, a blog dedicated to the ins and outs of Target's deals and markdowns, states that items from each department go on clearance on specific days. Starting at 30% off, and then after a week or two of an item not selling, it'll move to 50%, then eventually 70% after a few more weeks. If you follow it closely and keep track of how long certain items have been on sale, you might just find yourself paying close to nothing for something that someone else paid full price for — and that's a good feeling.

It's easy to choose which day you're going to Target, depending on the department you're eyeing. However, we're eyeing Tuesdays, because that's when the food is on sale.

Target Tuesday

Yes, that's right: Target Tuesdays are in. With food being a main clearance item, it might be best to push your Sunday grocery run back a couple of days. Not only does Target hold everyday food brands that you see in grocery stores such as Heinz, Hidden Valley, Ben & Jerry's, and more, but their special Target-owned food brands such as Market Pantry, Favorite Day, and Good & Gather have appealing labels that create quite the aesthetic in your pantry and refrigerator.

These deals could help you save big on your weekly grocery budget, giving you that little bit of extra cash to venture into a different Target department. According to Taste of Home, more departments on clearance on Tuesdays are women's clothing and pet items. Each store's days of deals may vary depending on your Target location, so it's important to keep a close eye on where employees are adding those yellow clearance stickers. Lastly, according to Krazy Coupon Lady, if you realize you bought something at full price, only to find that it went on sale a few days later, you're eligible for a price adjustment within 14 days of purchase.