Why You Shouldn't Bake Scones Ahead Of Time

Autumn is the perfect time of year to try some delicious new recipes — all you need to do is break out your mixer and start making some scones. Once those cold snaps hit, it can be difficult to convince yourself to crawl out of bed, bundle up, and shuffle to the closest bakery, and most of the time it's not worth the trek. By the time you reach the store, the good stuff is already gone and all that's left are the stale scones from the day before.

The only way to ensure that your scones are fresh this fall is by making them yourself. There is nothing better than rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning and popping a tray of blueberry scones in the oven to bake while filling your home with the delicious smells of cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. However, you don't want to go baking all your scones for the week in one fell swoop. These crumbly morning snacks are best served hot and fresh, and if you bake your scones ahead of time, you're basically guaranteeing yourself a week of dessert-like disappointment.

The early worm gets stale bread...

If you're the kind of person who finishes your assignments well before the due date, or always arrives at work 15 minutes early, you may be tempted to get ahead of schedule when it comes to baking your scones. Here's the deal, though, you definitely shouldn't do that if you want to enjoy bakery-fresh items for breakfast each morning.We know that most of the time getting projects done early feels great, but baking your scones in advance is not one of those instances. 

Scones are a time-sensitive bake, and The Kitchn advises leaving the baking process to "the last minute." You can prepare the dough on a baking sheet and freeze it overnight — or for a few weeks — if you want to be extra prepared. According to The Spruce Eats, you should keep your scones as cold as possible before baking time, but it's best to make sure that you're only baking your scones right when you're ready to enjoy them. This is because they often grow stale quite quickly, and the delicious scones you baked on Saturday morning will taste less than desirable the next day.

The shelf life of a scone is short but sweet, so enjoy it while you can!