Chipotle's Hilarious 'Water' Cup Candle Smells Like A Scam

It's no secret that, from time to time, stealthy customers at Chipotle Mexican Grill may fill their water cups with other beverages. That's because these sneaky individuals went online and told everyone that's precisely what they were doing. It's become a common topic of discussion on online forums like Quora and Reddit, and like everything else, has become fodder for memes as well.

Chipotle has taken to social media multiple times acknowledge these soda and lemonade mini-heists. One tweet from 2016 reads: "Whenever you fill a water cup with soda, someone's soda turns to water. #Fridaythe13th." Another tweet shows appreciation for those honest enough to only put good old H2O in their water cups. "In this house we love and appreciate those that don't put lemonade in their water cups," reads the humorous message.

Now, Chipotle is taking the joke one step further. In recognition of National Lemonade Day, the brand is offering a new lemonade scented candle that is housed in a decorative Chipotle water cup (per PR Newswire). In its announcement of the limited edition candle, Chipotle notes that it was inspired by all those who "'accidentally' fill their water cups with lemonade." While it seems like restaurant chain is simply making a hilarious joke, some people are wondering whether the candle is a scam or a deal. 

The scented candle pokes fun at Chipotle superfans

According to a press release from Chipotle, the candle will be sold online through the Chipotle Goods store starting on August 18 at 9 a.m. PT. Any purchase of the candle also includes a coupon for a free fountain drink that can be redeemed by ordering online or through the restaurant's app. The candle is made from soy and is lemonade scented, and it's housed in a container designed to resemble the signature Chipotle water cup. The company said that it was inspired by heavy commentary regarding the practice of filling its water cups with other drinks like soda and lemonade. While some may have thought the candle, and corresponding coupon, were a scam, the brand's statement on the matter shows the gimmick was created with good intentions.

"Social is the premier destination for us to listen to and engage with our superfans. When they see these lighthearted tributes to social chatter and fan behavior, they feel even more connected to Chipotle," said Chipotle chief marketing officer Chris Brandt.

This isn't the first time Chipotle — which is cheaper than its competitors — has taken a cheeky jab at fan commentary. In December 2021, it also launched a cilantro scented soap. This product was meant to play off the complaint of many individuals that cilantro tastes like soap to them. Chipotle claims that because of this it, the herb is one of its more controversial ingredients.