Green Giant's New Tots Feature A Never-Before-Used Ingredient

If you're shopping for any sort of canned or frozen vegetables, you'll inevitably come across at least one product from Green Giant. The brand is well known for making it easier to serve up healthier meals, and that iconic Jolly Green Giant mascot on the packaging is hard to miss. Most consumers are accustomed to buying Green Giant's staples like frozen broccoli and canned corn, but the brand offers a wide variety of other vegetable-based products as well.

As per the Green Giant website, it also has a line called Veggie Swap-Ins, consisting of Veggie Rings, Veggie Fries, and Veggie Tots, the lighter versions of their fried alternatives, in addition to mashed cauliflower, riced veggies, and veggie spirals.

There are plenty of options as it is, but Green Giant is expanding its selection even more. As announced in a recent press release, Green Giant is rolling out three new products, including Restaurant Style Sides, Veggie Spiral Skillets, and a brand new variety of Veggie Tots.

Green Giant has created a new way to enjoy zucchini

Tater tots may be a tasty side dish, but they aren't necessarily the best option if you're watching your carb intake. That's where Green Giant has come through with its tater tot alternatives. In the freezer section you'll be able to find cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach based tots, and pretty soon you'll also be able to find ones that are made with zucchini, a first for Green Giant.

"The continued success of our Veggie Swap-InsĀ® line proves that consumers are always looking for creative new ways to cook and eat their vegetables," Kristen Thompson, the company's President of Frozen & Vegetables explained in the press release. Transforming zucchini, as it seems, was the next step.

According to the press release, the new zucchini tots will be available in parmesan cheese, sour cream and onion, and pizza flavors, and will be hitting shelves at select retailers starting mid-August. The zucchini tots include no potato whatsoever, making them one full serving of vegetables per serving, as stated in the product description.