How JUST Egg Is Taking Advantage Of The Chicken Egg Price Surge

JUST Egg is a vegan, high-protein, non-GMO alternative to chicken eggs. Bottles of the colorful liquid can be found in grocery stores, and JUST Egg's website recommends using it in omelets, fried rice, quiches, sushi — anything you would have used real eggs for.

The JUST Egg website claims that the mung bean-based egg alternative reaches a fluffy, scrambled egg-like texture once cooked, making it a great substitute for people with egg allergies, or those who follow a vegan diet. It boasts benefits for both the environment and your health, as their website states that growing mung beans is highly sustainable and uses less water and land space than producing chicken eggs does.

Inflation has affected a huge part of the food industry, and chicken eggs are no exception. As chicken egg prices rise, JUST Egg is positioning itself as an affordable alternative to combat the ongoing supply chain issues. In fact, they just dropped their prices to compete with chicken eggs.

Egg costs rise, alternatives come down

According to Forbes, the cost of a dozen-egg carton has reached almost twice the price it was last year. Between breakfast and baking, the average American goes through an average of 279 eggs per year (via The Washington Post). As prices increase, shoppers must make the choice to either increase their grocery budget or cut back on their egg consumption. JUST Egg is trying to make that decision a little easier with their cost-reduction efforts.

Food Navigator USA reports that JUST Egg has been continuously making efforts to reduce production costs, making their products more affordable for consumers. They state that JUST Egg's CEO even promised they have no plans to increase costs. In fact, in the past year, JUST Egg has brought their retail prices down by 41%. The company hopes that by reducing prices and thinning the margin between JUST Egg and chicken eggs, new customers will be encouraged to try the plant-based products.