Wild Cherry Capri Sun Is Being Recalled For A Scary Reason

As summer break comes to an end, school supplies are flying off of shelves, and grocery carts are filling up with school lunch food and drinks. Consumers trust food production companies to maintain a clean, food-safe facility that yields a product shoppers can confidently buy and serve to themselves and others. According to Food Safety Magazine, equipment used in food and beverage assembly lines should undergo periodic deep cleaning, in addition to daily routine sanitization. However, you don't expect to find cleaning supplies in your food or drinks. 

Kraft Heinz, the producer of Capri Sun, has issued a recall on 5,760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry beverages for possible contamination from a cleaning solution used at one of its factories, per CNN. Each case contains 10 beverages, which means the recall could affect over 230,000 individual pouches.

Kraft Heinz issued the voluntary recall after a diluted cleaning solution used on production equipment, made its way into a batch of Wild Cherry Capri Suns during production. The wild cherry flavor is currently the only beverage being recalled. The recall is especially worrisome because the issue came to the company's attention after consumers had already ingested the beverage and complained about an off taste.

Capri Sun Wild Cherry recalled for possible cleaning solution contamination

According to Consumer Reports, Kraft Heinz has yet to comment on what cleaning solution was accidentally introduced to Capri Sun Wild Cherry beverages or how the incident occurred. No illnesses from consuming the contaminated beverages have been reported thus far.

Kraft Heinz, the company behind a multitude of popular food products, is actively working with retailers to remove Capri Sun Wild Cherry beverages from shelves and implores consumers that purchased the products to avoid drinking the beverages and dispose of them or return them to their local store for a full refund.

Consumers buy the beverage in cartons off of retailers' shelves and should look for cartons of 6.6-oz Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend with UPC code 0 8768400100 4 and manufacturer code 25JUN2023. Customers should also check individual pouches for manufacturer code 25JUN2023. 

Consumers can also contact Kraft Heinz at 1-800-280-8252 with questions about the recall Monday through Friday.