Swap In This Spicy Sausage For Your Next Bolognese

When you think of bolognese sauce you might think of a sweet Italian nonna working in the kitchen and the incredible smells of meat, tomatoes, garlic, and spices wafting around as her sauce simmers on the stove. It's a stereotype sure, but it's not far off. The reality is that real bolognese does take a long, long time to make. While some sauces can be made in as little as 15 minutes, bolognese ragu is a whole different beast, but trust it's worth it.

According to AllRecipes, a bolognese can simmer for just three hours before eating, but the ideal cook time is four to six hours. This time allows the tomatoes to lose some of their sharp acidity and for the meat to become very tender. But what if you don't have three to six hours to wait before eating? This hack can help you make delicious bolognese without having to wait patiently before digging in.

A Mexican twist on an Italian favorite

According to America's Test Kitchen, you can actually swap the traditional beef used in a bolognese for Mexican chorizo. Just be sure to keep the ratio one to one for best results.

L'academie notes that Mexican chorizo is a sausage that is high in flavor. It's traditionally made with ground pork and often includes extra pork fat. It is seasoned with chili pepper and a bit of vinegar, so the flavor is intense and delicious. Chorizo is also very high in fat (per Epicurious,) so it is very tender without needing to be braised for a long time like traditional ground beef.

Unlike Spanish chorizo, which is traditionally cured, Mexican chorizo is usually found uncooked, so it doesn't have a smokey flavor. It also means it's easier to remove the meat from the casing for your bolognese. Swapping the beef for Mexican chorizo also saves time. The sauce can be made in just about an hour, (per American's Test Kitchen.) Pro tip: It's delicious when served over tagliatelle pasta

Next time you're craving this luscious meat sauce, swap the beef for chorizo so you can dig in sooner.