How Budweiser Is Getting Fans Excited For The Upcoming World Cup

On August 13, 2022 the men's FIFA World Cup will be just 100 days away. The tournament, according to CNN, is set to kick off in Qatar on Sunday, November 20 with a match between the host country and Ecuador. Movendi International notes that Budweiser has been the official beer sponsor for the men's FIFA World Cup for more than 35 years, and the inflation-immune AB InBev conglomerate beer brand is celebrating in a big way.

A flurry of ads and promotional activity has preceded the kickoff of the Budweiser World Cup promotion that begins on August 13, and Marketing Dive notes that soccer superstars Leo Messi, Neymar Jr., and Raheem Sterling have been enlisted to promote the beer brand's events taking place all over the globe. Social media has been abuzz about the mysterious promotion, and one of Messi's Instagram posts about the promo garnered more than 1.4 million likes in a mere three days.

So what does Budweiser have planned?

It's a giant international scavenger hunt! According to a press release, Bud plans to drop (and they mean that quite literally) big prize boxes in major cities across the world. Inside the boxes? "Signed memorabilia, a year's supply of Budweiser, and the grand prize of a trip to the tournament." FIFA and Budweiser fans can scan QR codes — which can be found on the beer company's social media, along with the social media accounts of the soccer stars promoting the event — to discover the coordinates of these prize boxes. The QR codes can also be found in person at soccer stadiums where the superstars have played, according to Marketing Dive.

Unfortunately World Cup watchers in the U.S. may have to drown their sorrows in a Soccer Mom Pisco Punch. For FIFA World Cup fans lucky enough to be able to participate, Budweiser lists the rules and conditions of the promotion on its website, though it appears U.S. soccer fans are out of luck.